• Charity Adams

Charity Adams

$ 21.95

Written by Sandra Evers- Manly

Illustrated by Wendell R. Wiggins

Valor. Strength. Intelligence. Leadership. 

Sandra Evers-Manly helps readers learn about the remarkable trailblazer distinctly identifying these evident traits of Charity Adams.

In a time when education is challenged and service to others is not promoted,
Evers-Manly reminds us all with the telling of this much needed remembrance
that to be educated is not enough. One must serve others to make the world a
better place for us all.

Learn how Charity Adams excelled and made her way to succeed at home in the
US and abroad. Rising in the US Army to command the 6888th Central Postal
Directory Battalion, nicknamed the "Six Triple Eight", a Black battalion of the
Women's Army Corps (WACS) during WWII. The 6888th had 855 women, that
included both enlisted and officers.

 Their Motto: No mail, low morale.

•8 ¼” x 10 ¾” • Ages 9 and up • Hardcover 


A must-have for:

• Families

• Educators

• Schools 

• Libraries 

• Churches

• Community Organizations

• Youth & Afterschool Programs...and those who need to be inspired!

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